Sunday, June 28, 2015

BRINE TWICE DAILY: New Langan/Le Cain Work Premiering in Berlin

Brine Twice Daily, the tenth film collaboration by Vicky Langan and me, will premiere as part of an EFS double-screening in Berlin next weekend. Details on that here.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

EFS @ Phantoscope

Coming to Triskel Christchurch Cinema, Cork on Saturday July 11th at 6pm...

A knockout double bill of Michael Higgins' At One Fell Swoop & Dean Kavanagh's Polar Nights. Tickets on sale.

At One Fell Swoop (2015) by Michael Higgins

Ireland / 70 mins / Black & White

At One Fell Swoop deals with a stonemason (Cillian Roche) and his metamorphic wander through rural Ireland. In passing he slips through the film’s frames into a re-imagining of his surroundings in which he finds himself trapped on an intense cataclastic path towards a dead end. Photographed on expired 16mm black and white film and entirely hand-processed, At One Fell Swoop resembles a phantom-like film lodged amid multiple stratums of time and space. At One Fell Swoop was funded by Arts Council of Ireland.
Dublin based Michael Higgins has been making films for ten years. He is interested in using the filmmaking process to rupture the reality of the everyday, bringing to light alternative ways of seeing and experiencing. His 2013 feature Smolt won the IndieCork Award for Innovation in Irish Feature Filmmaking.
Polar Nights (2014) by Dean Kavanagh

Ireland / 61 mins / Colour

Polar Nights is a formalistic journey of image and sound that plunges viewers into the depths of the Arctic where a small town and its inhabitants live day-to-day lives in the dark. The main protagonist is perhaps the movie itself, which leads to the question of whether these characters were ever real or just delusions bleeding in from the cold.

Dean Kavanagh is an independent experimental filmmaker from Wicklow. He became a member of EFS in 2008. Since then he has completed over 50 short films and 5 at feature length, which have been screened worldwide. His work is intensely visual, creating detailed atmospheres that respond to the interaction between space, time and the human body. Rural and domestic themes diaphanously sheath a rigorously formalistic interplay between sound and image.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

EFS Performances @ TBG+S, Dublin

Esperanza Collado, my Operation Rewrite cohort, will return to Ireland to present her acclaimed performance We Only Guarantee the Dinosaurs on Tuesday June 30th. Sharing the bill is Atoosa Pour Hosseini who will be joined by Irene Murphy and Mick O'Shea. Unmissable!

Find out more here.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Christopher Lee (1922-2015)


Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Proud to announce that my 2014 film Damp Access is now available to buy on Jorge Núñez's VHS distro Video Sensations.

It's a new label but it already boasts two must-buys in its catalogue: Michael Higgins' Smolt and Jorge's own Merlin the Sorcerer (which I recently wrote about).

Monday, May 25, 2015


Forbidden Symmetries, the 2014 feature by Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh (both depicted above with friends) and me will play soon in Quezon City at a jam-packed day-long screening event. 

(It can also, by the way, be seen here on VOD.) 

Here are the details from Cinemalibre:


"We are inviting you all to attend our 2nd Cinemalibre film club screening this year on May 30, 2015 (Saturday). Please check the program below for details."

Venue: UP Cine Adarna - Videotheque, UP DILIMAN, QUEZON CITY
Date: MAY 30, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 12.30 PM - onwards

: Open to public (nonmembers of the group)
: Bring food & drinks


[films in response to recent political crisis in Thailand]
(12:30 - 1:45 PM)

FILMMAKER IN FOCUS #1: Chulayarnnon Siriphol

A Brief History of Memory (2010) - 14 mins
Planking (2012) - 3 mins
Myth of Modernity (2014) - 16 mins

FILMMAKER IN FOCUS #2: Taiki Sakpisit

A Ripe Volcano (2011) - 15 mins
Time of the Last Persecution (2012) - 7.5 mins
The Age of Anxiety (2013) - 14 mins

* * * *

[post-filmic vanguard cinema from Europe]
(2:00 - 4:15 PM)


Nightwalk (2013) - 6 mins
Irresolute (2013) - 2 mins
Eventfall (2015) - 6 mins
Shadows (2015) - 20 mins

> Experimental Feature: Forbidden Symmetries (Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh & Maximilian Le Cain / Ireland / 2014) - 97 mins

> Special Short: Neuralgia (Michael Allen / 2014) - 3 mins

* * * *

[local experimental exigencies]
4:30 - onwards

FILMMAKER IN FOCUS: Christian Tablazon

What is a Day - 16 mins
Translación - 22 mins
Sala - 56 mins

> Special short: Iris (Mike Esteves / 2015) - 9 mins

* * * *

SPECIAL THANKS TO Thai film critic Wiwat Filmsick Lertwiwatwongsa for the Thai exchange selection!

For further inquiries, contact me, Adrian D. Mendizabal (0906-430-2809) or Epoy P. Deyto (0906 - 425 - 9019)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

EFS in Berlin

Experimental Film Society (EFS) filmmakers Rouzbeh Rashidi, Dean Kavanagh, Maximilian Le Cain and visual artist Atoosa Pour Hosseini will be in Berlin to introduce two programmes of short films that give an intense overview of the range and formally challenging thrust of EFS filmmaking. The screenings will take place at Lichtblick-Kino and regenbogenKINO.

 Programme 1 @ Lichtblick-Kino 4th July 8PM

1_Dimensions (2013) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / Ireland / 6mins
2_The Illuminating Gas (2012) By Esperanza Collado / Spain / 7:30mins
3_Murder (2014) By Michael Higgins / Ireland / 5mins
4_Friends with Johnny Kline (2015) By Dean Kavanagh / Ireland / 17:30mins
5_67-69-Take 5 (2015) By Maximilian Le Cain Ireland-Spain / 14mins
6_Homo Sapiens Project (150) (2013) By Rouzbeh Rashidi / Ireland / 36mins

Total Running Time: 86mins

 Programme 2 @ regenbogenKINO 5th July 8PM

1_Teaser (2015) By Jann Clavadetscher / Ireland / 3mins
2_W.E (2014) By Bahar Samadi / France / 5mins
3_On The Way (2013) By Bahar Samadi / France / 3mins
4_Pitpony (2014) By Jason Marsh / UK / 3:30mins
5_Last Phase (2014) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / Ireland / 2mins
6_Incubus (2013) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / Ireland / 1:30mins
7_Luminosity (2) (2013) By Atoosa Pour Hosseini / Ireland / 2:30mins
8_Funnel Web Family (2013) By Michael Higgins / Ireland / 14mins
9_Homo Sapiens Project (176) (2014) By Rashidi & Kavanagh / Ireland / 12mins
10_Homo Sapiens Project (191-199) (2015) By Rashidi, Kavanagh & Le Cain / Ireland / 15:30mins
11_Brine Twice Daily (2015) By Maximilian Le Cain/Vicky Langan Ireland / 20mins

Total Running Time: 82mins

More info Lichtblick-Kino and regenbogenKINO